Who makes the best iPhone charger?

We have created this website because charging iPhones while driving is a necessity and finding the best iPhone charger became our focus. One day, while sitting around the office, we thought about how bloggers make money by creating websites with quality content. We then wondered if receiving free chargers and publishing our findings, with inbound links, could help promote products. This website has been created for just that purpose. Now, huge manufactures get a shot at winning the best iPhone charger and iPad charger recognition.

There are six of us here and we all have iPhones.

Best iPhone Charger

Do you think your charger is better than the competition? Please send us a charger, or six if you'd rather, and we will give you some honest feedback.

It is official. The debate will be decided by the end of February and we will post the process and the final outcome on this website.

Have questions? Send us an email and we will be happy to reply.